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    Don't get me wrong, I love Phone Technician. However there are a few problems I ran into trying to use Rollover. First, it only rolls over appts not items in your tasks list. Also, to unistall it says the pro version of destaller is required. I tried deleting it from zlauncher's file manager, no good. The only way to unistall it was to delete it using FileZ.

    I am not bashing the software, but am wondering if anyone else has given it a go and what have you thought?

    Mods can this be moved to the proper forum?
    Sorry for the mix up.
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    I really liked the rollover built into the treo600. I have tried datebook and agendus and I don't like them. They are cluttered, bulky and don't navigate as nice as the built in app. Rollover allows me to get something similar and use the default app.
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