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    Out for some time and no where mentioned when I searched all topics, today I discovered DivX has a free PalmOS version of their player (as well players for Windows Mobile 2003 to the latest, and Symbian OS). Will it replace the free and awesome TCPMP...probably not.

    DivX Mobile Player v0.871
    [requires logging in to download or see attachment]

    *I haven't tried playing videos on it yet, but I'm curious if any other codec's are supported besides it's own.

    Notice on site:
    The Palm OS version of DivX Mobile Player is planned to be discontinued. Download the archive, unzip the contents and install both the PRC and PDB (using say FileZ to copy both files into ram, or the Palm Desktop).
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    I think for being free its probably good. Never tested it, but since I have CorePlayer and that plays DivX, for me personally, it would be a waste of memory. I think people who dont have Core might get some use out of it though.
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    I tried it, and the video gets choppy on higher bit rate vids... tcpmp handles the same vids without any problems, but still a nice find...
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