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    I have a wierd issue. When I have Warden installed, my Versamail will NOT sync with Exchange. Gets an error about checking server settings or deleting some email abd try again.

    When I remove WardenM it syncs again, but it syncs as though it is the first time.

    I really want to use Warden, but I need access to my work email.

    Anyone see this before? Is anyone using the two apps without a problem?
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    Gonna resurrect this thread in hope there might be an answer out there.

    I recently lost my treo at a ballgame and have cringed ever since. Insurance replaced the phone and I had a good backup for restoration so I was covered there, but the thought of someone rifling thru my data makes me flinch. So, in with a remote locking solution.

    I sync with an exchange server via Versamail. I installed Warden on the Wednesday before Tgiving and didn't get around to testing it until today. Sync'ing worked fine until I tried out the remote lock this morning. Ever since Versamail will not sync with the exchange server. Sync worked fine before Warden was set-up.

    Any Ideas??? The Warden site doesn't seen to address the issue and a email to support today hasn't been answered yet.

    Thanks for your thoughts...
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    Follow-up: Unistalling Warden rights the ship. Does msafe have this issue?
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    butler doesn't have this issue and I know that its locking/ram erase/card erase works pretty well by sending a delete code via SMS.
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    Thanks for the tip. I'll give butler a try. Looks like a lot of nice utils in that package...

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