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    after having downloaded it from the web... what files should be put in the quick installer?
    people tell me that it's neccesary to have this to install java on the 650, true?
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    Tell the people they are wrong. Palm OS Garnet Simulator is needed to test software for palm os on desktop
    Java can be found here and it does not need anything else
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    i sync it on my treo and i don't find the java icon anywhere so how to install it?
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    Download java archive from
    extract the contents
    hotsync all files from JVM\ARM4T Folder to the Treo
    Voila - there should be an icon to IBM Java in your launcher
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    and java appears only to be in my memory card as "weight", but no icon appears...
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    YOu have to hotsync it to RAM not to expanison card
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    thanks man...

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