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    Hi. I just bought a 680 off eBay. I feel like it runs very slow sometimes. How would I measure the speed, and what would be an average for those measurements?
    My name is Moore,
    Roger Moore
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    You can get one of those novelty progs like "Speedy" and get a basic idea of device speed in a "sterile" environ. Nevertheless, with the 680 and all NVFS based Palms, you are dealing with a crapshoot of lag vs snappiness. It's gonna be sluggish on startup for a few moments. Then at undertermined times your device is just going to go into the hiccup zone and just bog down. It will usually come out in a second or two, but in some cases it can come to a crawl for up to 15-20 seconds or more.
    The 680 has much better memory architecture than the 650 and early Palm OS 5.4+ devices, so it's actually quiet a bit better. The reason is probably based in moving progs/data outta flash into memory while the app you're working on is in progress.
    I doubt anything out there is going to predict or measure this issue. Speed programs are little more than toys for real world functional speed.
    Patrick Horne
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    I really appreciate you taking the time to answer. Thanks.
    My name is Moore,
    Roger Moore
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    What you want is called "PalmInternals".

    Download it and run the speed test. I remember my 680 out of the box ran somewhere around 5-8 Seconds. If you installed other software, it might be way slower than that.

    It is also freeware
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    Compared to the Treo 650, which responded near-instantly, the 680 has a slight lag when switching programs - about 1/4 to 1/2 second, I reckon. Some have theorised that the 680 either has cheaper, slower memory than the 650.

    The biggest slowdowns on my 680 happen when the radio is active - like when it's jumping between cell towers, sending an MMS or connecting/disconnecting from the net. When this happens it just totally freezes for 1-3 seconds - usually accompanied by a little flicker of the keyboard lights. Fortunately this doesn't happen all that often so it doesn't bother me. Much...

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