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    I've read a couple of post here already about Kinoma and how to download videos from mobetube. But I'm confused about Kinoma. My 755 is still pretty much the same as when I bought. And I can watch vids from and kinoma starts up with no problem. But I can't locate kinoma in any of my menu's to start it manually in order to watch vids that I've loaded to my Mini SD card.

    I can see kinoma files are present when searching using FileZ.
    Sorry if this is a stupid question. What am I missing?
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    The 755p has a limited embedded version of Kinoma builtin. It does not have an app that can be manually used (it does seen to have volume control unless I am missing something).

    You have to buy the Kinoma produce in order to have a copy in RAM to do what you wish to do.
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    Thanks for the assist.
    Apologize for the confusion.
    I upgraded from a 650 and it came with Kinoma (not just the embedded version).
    I'll do the upgrade.
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    To do the upgrade you can get it cheap if you upgrade via your phone. I forget how, but I went through this so if you search the forums you might find the thread.

    Basically the first time you start Kinoma on your 755p it offers to let you upgrade for cheap. If you say "no" the first time (like I did) there is a way to get it to offer it to you again...that is what I ended up doing and thus the upgrade price saved me a little money.
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    To get the Kinoma Upgrade screen do a Soft Reset(Remove Battery). The first time you start Sprint TV a Kinoma splash screen will pop up for a few seconds. Hit the blue URL link on the pop up screen and it will take you to the Kinoma Upgrade site where you can purchase Kinoma ver 4.3 for $14.95.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice!
    I appreciate you patience.

    I've had a treo for quite some time but I've never used the media player or ptunes.

    Now that I've got some additional memory I'm looking to leave my ipod at home and use my treo more often.

    Again, THANKS

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