I'm hoping to find someone who has resolved or even just improved the poor quality of their 650's bluetooth transmission power. Of course the first step is admitting you have a problem. I've read some dismissive responses to this issue from people who don't even know they got lucky. Here's my anecdote.

I got my wife and myself two 650's. Having gone from a Razr I was sorely disappointed in the bluetooth quality, especially the lack of headset voice dialing from a "smart" phone. (Jack of all trades and master of none.) Anyway... I upgraded to a Jabra 500 and learned to live with it.

A few days ago I purchased my wife a new Jabra 500 for her 650. This was her first headset, and she whined about it for two days, so I swapped her to see if she maybe got a weak headset. It all seemed fine to me. So I swapped SIM cards and took her phone. IT SUCKED. She often magnifies problems, but I can tell you unequivocally that her bluetooth is barely functional. Her phone crackles like crazy unless it's within about 3 feet with a clear line of sight.

Oh and let me deny some predictable fortune cookie wisdom. There is no difference in the phones. They have both been reformatted to 8.4 partitions, unbranded 1.20, same roms - basically identical in every important way. They were both cingulars for which I bought unlock codes and then proceeded to flash like the paparazzi.

I read a couple old threads where people with good phones naturally poo-pooed the BT whiners. Mine was good and I would have been dismissive too. But now I see there is a manufacturing difference, whether by design or by some Chinese parts manufacturer. Who knows? There's little I would be able to do without some very intimate knowledge of the firmware or the BT section of the hardware. In my little pipe dream, someone knows how to crank up the amperage on the transmitter with a resistor swap, or change out a bluetooth daughter board from a broken phone. something...

But I've been all over and have seen nothing, so I can only assume this issue is not widespread enough to command the attention of the upper echelon. If there's something you think I'm missing, I'm all ears. TX