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    congratulations palm after many iterations of palm os devices (palm pilot, handspring visors, prisms, treo 600 and 700p) you did it.... you drove me away.

    i went with a motorola krzr - a phone that actually works... even with a bluetooth headset and a nokia n770 internet tablet

    granted the convenience of a physical keyboard is not builtin (but my bluetooth keyboard works) and it is 2 separate devices - but both work

    the phone works as a phone

    the nokia works as an internet tablet / pim

    i am putting my treo 700p along with all my extra sync cords up on ebay tuesday am- no reserve (after the usa labor day holiday) my ebay registered name is prk60091 in case anyone wants a verizon 700p (which has not been "upgraded" with the MR).

    once again congratulations palm on a job well done!
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    You went from a smartphone to a regular cell phone that actually works...LMAO, and your now happy. Not opting for another smartphone after dumping Palm tells me all you needed in the first place was a cell phone which having a Treo was overkill for you.
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    Good luck with your Krzr. If you think palm was bad, you decide to go with a motorola phone? Especially a modified razr?
    If that is all you need for a pim then either you don't need to enter a lot of info via the phone and I agree that the treo was too much for you. BTW, you are limited to a 130 entries on the calendar.
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    My wife ( he he) went from a 650 to krzr. All she used it for was mp3's. She still uses the Treo to read her ebooks and wishes she had her calendar back. Good luck with your phone.
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    wow... you get away with calling your spouse "wide" on a public forum? You are a brave man (sorry, couldn't resist).

    as for OP, I tried to give up and go to a 2 piece system (razr and nokia) but found as annoying as it is at times, my 700p was at least an all in one solution. Good luck with your new setup.
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    I'm considering going back to my old Tungsten C, which was the best PDA I ever had and which I still own, and a pure phone (iPhone most likely), over the 700p debacle. I'm giving my replacement 700p a couple of weeks' shakedown, then if it's having problems, I'm out too.

    I want a Treo that works, but if I have to, I'll go back to two devices, too.
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    Good luck. I know nothing about the KRZR, but I went from a Palm III, a Sony Ericsson T610, and a 2nd Gen. iPod to my Treo. I'm so glad to only have one device, and it does SO much more than all the others could (think Tom Tom Navigation whereever I am, etc.).

    I think my 700p has a few issues, but nothing so major that it really impedes me from doing what I want it to. Hopefully it'll stay as relatively usable as it currently is.

    But I can understand your frustration, etc.
    Coming atcha from Phil a del phi a

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    WE have a corporate account with about 50 TREOs (and about 250 regular cell phones). I have pushed IT to survey the TREO users and now they are evaluating a move to blackberry. Just can't deal with the TREO issues anymore, Palm doesn't seem interested in fixing them and can't/won't tell us what they have coming, so it's time to move on.
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    I was with Palm since the very first year. They were innovative, dependable, long lasting, incredible devices that very rarely have problems. I gave that very first one to my Aunt who still uses it.

    It is such a shame, Palm went from such a stable operating system on excellent portable hardware, to a bug filled, fragile, sad version of what they once were.

    I had to leave Palm for a couple years due to my company forcing me on Nextel. I used the Blackberry 7520 for 2 years. I never had problems with that device, it was rock solid. I dropped it face down on concrete 3 times and the sucker held up. When my company moved to Verizon, I was back and forth on whether I should go with the Treo 700P cringing at the problems I read about, or if I should stay with Blackberry. Being such a Palm fan for such a long time, I went with the Treo....after 2 months of being fairly stable, it slowly diminished in stability and speed. Then came the upgrade which destroyed anything positive about the device. 3 replacements later, I convinced Verizon to switch me to the Blackberry, and for the last 2 weeks, I have been enjoying my 8830. Blackberry is now what Palm once was. If Palm gets its act together, I'll be back on my next contract only if they fix their errors, and by fix, I don't mean release the 755P, I mean revamp your device, and innovate like you once did. Good luck all.

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