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    Hey guys, my mom has a Treo 680 and wants to be able to sync her email/contacts/calendar with her Treo. Since the 680 supports Exchange syncing, I figured I'd look into getting a hosted Exchange setup for her. However, here's the problem: She uses hotmail and is very unwilling to change email providers. So... is there any way to use Hotmail with Exchange? (does it natively support it?)

    Thanks for any help!
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    Not sure if this will help or not, but the way I do it....
    I have an exchange server / email account at work, I also have a gmail, yahoo, and AOL adress.
    What I do is just go into the preferences on all my non-exchange accounts, and set them up to foreward all my mail to my exchange account address.
    You can set it to leave the orignal message on the primary e-mail adress, that way you can respond to the important stuff, and go back and log onto the hotmail later to deal with the rest.
    Of course I have to keep all my contacts, and calendar stuff on the work account, but this way ALL of my mail is "pushed".
    Just food for thought..

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