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    All I can say is I use and all of my problems went away. I sent notice to, but they ignored me.
    Thanks for a suggestion. When using versamail with exchange 2007 you need to specify a domain name for the exchange account.

    User name: DOMAIN/username
    Password: password

    Hope this will help any one thats straggling with Exchange 2007
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    After reading through this forum, I'm so glad I found one of the postings which mentioned that the userid for the ActiveSync setup of VersaMail had to be formatted as follows: "exchange\e####" where e### is your 1and1 userid. Unfortunately the support staff at 1and1 wasn't able to relay this simple solution.

    VersaMail now syncs everything really well, just as it should.

    Hopefully this will help the next person having this issue.
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