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    Dear all,

    Since messaging in 650 have no delivery report but 680 do, is it possible to install the messaging application of 680 to 650 ? will it work ?

    Have anyone tried it ?

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    By "delivery report", do you mean the alert screen that pops up when an SMS is received? You can turn this on and off via the Treo's Prefs --> Sounds menu: go to Tones for Messaging and tick the box that says "Show Receipt Alerts."
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    You can "enable" delivery reports on the 650 as well. With my provider, I need to enter "#N*" at the begining of any message for a confirmation message.

    You may need to use some other character stiring with your carrier; search the web.

    - mvk
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    thanks for the tips. I already have it selected but nothing happened. By delivery report i meant the status change in the messages in " sent items " when messages are received by the recipients.


    thanks for the tips, I tried them all, nothing happened.

    I'd appreciate anyone who have tried to put 680 messaging application in 650 to post here.

    Thanks a lot

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