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    Just interesting to note just how much we have spent for our Treos and find out just how much it has actually cost us without knowing it!! (aside from the cost of the hardware itself)

    I'll start:

    1. Palm leather holster - $19.99 (-$10 coupon from Best Buy)
    2. Bestskinsever - $8.99
    3. Sandisk micro to mini to SD 2GB card - $37 (sale in best buy last week)
    4. Sandisk 2GB miniSD - $19.99 (sale in
    5. USB Modem software - $19.96 (sale in Treonauts ended today... last minute purchase... so i can surf with my mac anywhere now)
    6. Dial By Photo software - $7.50 (sale last week)

    Man i dont want to add all of those up anymore!!
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    I finally got on the late train to Chatter and loving it. I should have dumped Versamail and went to Chatter long ago.
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