I deleted Handango's InHand from my Treo 600 as I
never used it and I noticed it was using a lot of
memory,1250K minimum and 1680K after using it.
Then shortly after I used the palm "Find" app & the Treo
blanked and came back up with the Palm Power logo
having reset itself. This happened constantly so
I went back online with the Treo and downloaded the
InHand app again thinking that if I restored it would
fix the problem, but no, "Find" still crashes.
After deleting a couple of times I also used FileZ to
delete, which still shows even though I deleted using
the Palm Delete dropdown. However this didn't fix the
prob either. I also hotsynced but no fix here either.
I emailed the problem to Handango but have not had
any response yet. This is a very serious problem for me
as I have lots of info in Memo and Calendar that I need
to refer to.
Any suggestions? John