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    Per Seven Networks:

    I finally have some new information -- and you all are not going to like it. So please, don't shoot the messenger...

    We have received word from Sprint that they have chosen not to deploy the new Business Connection Palm client. The reason for this is because Business Connection is slated to be replaced by a new product line (also from SEVEN) for the corporate/enterprise market. So, to avoid confusion, the 755p (and other new devices in the Sprint line) will not supported until the new product line is launched.

    News of the new product line has been slow in coming, which is, I believe part of the reason for all of the FUD surrounding Business Connection. I cannot provide any details right now, as things do have a tendency to change, but I can tell you that SEVEN is still a part of Sprint's plans for the future.

    I hope that this helps, if only a little. Be sure to keep an eye on developments here as we will be launching a Palm client for this beta program when the time is right. If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to post a response here or send me a PM, depending on the circumstances, and I'll be happy to share what I can, when I can, as things move forward.


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    SEVEN Networks, Inc.
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    Sprint has taken down the BizCon Email server as of early this morning.
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    I can still check my bizcon email manually. But your OP is horrible news. This means I finally have to leave Palm and go back to any WM device that will support a bizcon client. Looks like my only option is go back to the 700wx... how ridiculous.

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