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    Just recently I tried to pull up some old SMS messages and realized that they had somehow been purged from my Treo 650. I never deleted them, so I can only assume that there is something built into the software that automatically deletes old SMS messages after a certain period of time (or a certain SMS database size). Anyone know anything about this? I'm a bit upset about it, as I'm now missing about 3 months of SMS messages that I would have liked to had a log of. Any way to get these back?
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    yep, it's true. don't know what the cutoff is. if you've got periodic backups or older version of your hotsync folder saved you may be in luck. Look in either of those for a file called 'Messages Database' or something like that.
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    Perhaps that's a Sprint/Verizon thang. I've never lost any of my SMS history on my unlocked GSM 650/680.
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    Well... I'm an expert (I developed Treodesktop, and I worked hard on the SMS messages databases and the message applications) this is the answer to your question:

    Leaving the SMS view as "unthreaded" on your device, the messages database will retain the lasts 8000 messages. The oldest message will be automatically deleted when incoming a new message.


    If you set the SMS view as "threaded", there is an added rule: the message application will automatically delete old messages - even if the 8000 records limit is not reached. For each contact, will be retained ONLY the LAST 300 messages!

    The only one exception to this rule is applied on the old Treo 600 devices, that retains 500 messages per contact (instead of 300 on the new Treo devices).

    A good suggest for you, is to periodically save a copy of the "messages_database.pdb" file on a secure location, for further processing or merely backup personal data.

    If you like, you can use our application (Treodesktop) to show your Treo SMS's on desktop.

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