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    After reading the review here, I bought the charger:

    The charger works great, but one issue. When I put my Seidio 3200 battery in the charger, the lid doesn't close.

    The reviewer gives the indication the charger works with all Palm batteries. An asterisk is needed. Yes, the charger charges my 3200 battery fine. But like I say, the lid doesn't close. Because, the battery is oversized.

    This is the kind of stuff that Palm should be smarter than. Palm gets it just about right, but not quite. Why didn't they make the charger 1/16 of an inch larger, so that the lid would close when charging the 3200, clearly a popular battery? Who knows.

    Thumbs up for the idea, thumbs down for not getting it right.

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    Umm.. because Palm doesn't MAKE the Seidio 3200 battery? Why would they make their charges work with them?
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    1) The name of the product is "Palm Treo battery charger".

    2) On the sale page, it says "Accepts all current Treo battery types"

    3) In the conclusion, the reviewer writes "It charges all the current Treo battery types and doubles as a carrying case".

    4) In the design photo, the reviewer has a picture of a SEIDIO battery, the 2100. The 2100 fits fine in charger (I have one), the 3200 does not.

    It charges all battery types. But the 3200, does not fit with the lid closed. Which is just what I wrote.

    The plus side of forums is the information to be had. The downside, is the arguing. I'm not going to argue with you.
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    Hi PalmFive! I'm sorry to hear that the lid won't close properly on your Seidio 3200 battery. I don't have a battery that large for my Treo 680 so I couldn't test that with the charger. My Seidio 2400 battery fit fine in the charger and the lid closed with no problems. The information that I read about the charger does say that the charger will accept all current Treo battery types, so of course I figured that it would include the 3200.

    I certainly didn't mean to mislead anyone with my review and I'm sorry that the lid won't close properly on your large sized battery. I'm glad to hear though that the charger does charge your battery.

    I've sent you a private message PalmFive
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    But the Sedio battery isn't a Palm battery, it's a Sedio battery. (Actually, the 3200 is their oversized battery, correct? And it mentions everywhere that it won't fit many cases and needs a special cover.)

    Palm would argue that's not a Palm battery (and rightly so). It probably even voids your warranty since it's not made by Palm.

    Crimson, wasn't arguing. He was making a valid point. It was exactly what I was thinking when I read your post. And it's certainly a lot less argumentative that "This is the kind of stuff that Palm should be smarter than."

    If I can politely say - A safe bet with product literature (or anything in life) when they say "all" it's probably not true, there are always exceptions (especially with oversized batteries).

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