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    Check out all the cool games at They have hundreds of games for Palm OS, as well as news on the latest handheld games.
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    Sounds like an ad to me. You know, it's really sick when you try to do this. I like it when companies come on here in earnest to talk about their products, answer questions, but when they just try to drive traffic up, it's just sick. Shame on you!
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    And the only three posts you've ever made in VC, all on the day you joined, are the exact same message in three different forums.
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    As AirGamer has recently launched - we are trying to spread word. If posting a notification of a location for games and news is offensive to you, then we apologize. However, for those who like to check out new sites that offer services without fee or strings, check us out.
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    I really have to question the wisdom of supporting someone who lacks the ability to read and follow simple instructions (such as the ones you had to agree to before registering). Doesn't bode well for a company when it's leaders lack intelligence and common sense.
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    OK, so now you know you only need to post in one group. That said, welcome, and thanks for giving us another site for games and information. This was cool.
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    You got a nice site there. But you are "spreading" the workd the wrong way. Your post would be more acceptable if:

    A. You had posted in just one Forum

    B. If you had something like.."Hey check out my site".. Its about ABC. Instead, you came on and pretend that you just discovered the site and want us to know about it.

    Hope you didn't join the boards just to advertise. Hope to see some quality posts from you.
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    Hmmm.. Gee. looks like all the same games available from PalmGearHQ.. Nice little search engine, but otherwise? At least PalmGear has a description of the game and comments up front so we can tell if the game sucks or not.. Offhand, looks like another clone website looking to waste VC funds.. Have fun guys!
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    moved and closed..
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