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    Has anyone ever used CallRec to record their conversation with Sprint customer service? I know that in many states it is perfectly legal to record a conversation as long as 1 of the participants knows about it.

    The reason I ask is because my recent conversation with a Sprint rep was a complete disaster and I think it may be humorous to listen to pieces of other sub-par service from Sprint.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ballstate View Post
    I know that in many states it is perfectly legal to record a conversation as long as 1 of the participants knows about it.
    In some states it is unlawful interception to record without both parties being aware of the recording, and you don't know where the sprint rep is. This sounds like a fun idea but I would not recommend it without getting your voice announcing "I am recording this call for reference puposes" or something like that and getting their consent.
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    I wonder if we can record the phone conversations since Sprint does it for "training" purposes and they announce it.

    Some of the sound clips from those conversations would be priceless. =)
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    I would think that the law in effect would be the state law that the person recording it is in. I know in Missouri, as long as I am one part of that conversation, I can record it without telling the other person I am recording it. I cannot record someone using my phone without them knowing about it if I am not a part of the conversation.
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    I record EVERY call with Sprint CS. I had to replay it once to get them to reinstate my vision that guy clearly said would not be affected. after ten mins of arguing I played the call. They appologized and found a way to reinstate the plan which until then was not even possible.

    In my state its legal to record a call that I am party to. I don't really care where the other party is.
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    I do it for all customer service calls... I posted a funny conversation with capital one on, but the moderators edited out the link... I wish I still had the file to repost it
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    Anyone know if it is illegal in NY? I referred to my phone call that I had with a local computer store rep telling me about a bonus package I would be getting with my new laptop but the store manager wouldn't hear anything about it.

    EDIT: Its not illegal in NY! I'm going to use that phone call to my advantage now!

    Here is a link to rules in all 50 states
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