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    Kind of hard to vote so I haven't. I have it and although it works for me, I find that it's frustrating to bend over backwards to get it to work. First of all, the best security (?) you can get is WEP at 802.11b, so obviously, it's not very secure. Second, the ip scanning utility is seriously sad. It doesn't give you any info on what each connection offers. Even my Wi-Fi scanning app on my Sandisk Wi-Fi card for my Zire 71 is better than that. Third, it is a bit bulky so you are adding a lot of bulk to the already bulky Treo. Fourth, the sled does get warm (more like hot) after a bit of use and battery drains quickly. Fifth, I find it quite annoying that the connection will timeout after a certain time period so that I have to disconnect and reconnect to get back. It's especially annoying when I want to listen to a podcast with Kinoma and downloading it to the SD card and it times out. I wished it wouldn't time out. And I have disabled the power save option with the same result.

    There are more but these are some of my quips about it. Since it's pretty much the only choice for Wi-Fi on the Treo, it's my main reason for getting it. Not sure if you can get it anywhere now since it's been discontinued a long time ago.

    I'd probably get something else that has Wi-Fi instead if I'm looking for a Wi-Fi solution now. So, it's leaning more towards the 'No'.

    After saying all that, it's nice to have Wi-Fi on the Treo.
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