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    I'm brand new to researching this, so sorry if I get this wrong.

    Could someone who has used both tell me the difference in using a wifi card build for use with my MacBook vs using my Treo as a Modem?

    Preferably some one with a 3g phone.

    IS it as fast? Cost of card and of service? Any pointers to guide my research would be great.
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    If I'm understanding correctly, the wifi will use a wifi signal, either your home, from Starbucks, McDonald's, your neighbor's, or whoever. Using Treo as a Modem would use data from your service provider. I haven't tried it with my Sprint 700p, but my 650 was sort of slow. I was always scared to get hit with a large bill, so I stayed away from it. I also didn't ever really NEED it.
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    WiFi is faster but like davidg4781, you need to be within range of an access point. On a Treo 700p is very fast to use as modem as long as you are within a 3G network coverage (EVDO on CDMA).

    Using the Treo requires to pay for DUN service from your provider (or search these forums for DUN). Sprint charges $15/mo, Verizon $40/mo. You'll also need unlimited data.

    Why a Wifi card for you MacBook? It comes with WiFi already built in (Apple calls it Airport).
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    See, as I go along I learn more and more. I'm just going to use my Treo. Here's my excuse to bump to a 3G phone.
    My name is Moore,
    Roger Moore

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