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    i'm actually having a hard time finding the PERFECT case for my sprint treo 700p. I tend to wear a lot of skirts/dresses and so a clip wouldn't really help me. I'm really interested in a skin because I'm ALWAYS holding my treo so sometimes it drops. but i hear many horror stories about the skin becoming lose or collecting particles and scratching up the device even more. I currently have the sprint case from the store, no clip, and no flip over it. I put my phone in my purse frequently also. I've got a screen protector on it and i'm so used to typing with the plastic over the keyboard (i have nails and for some reason it helps out) its hard to find a case that doesn't have that cut out. ive i also like the idea of the screen being cut out because with a lot of cases i've tried out that cover the screen, it creates extra work too tap the screen with the whole plastic there. ive tried the whole naked feel and i just cant get used to it!

    I'm thinking bout the bodyguardz/ invisisheild / bestskinever then finding maybe some type of pouch for it. I was thinking about the bungee lanyard but i just don't like the idea of wearing my phone around my neck even though itd be the most logical choice for me. i just really enjoy the idea of having a skin for protection AND a pouch for carrying around and ensured protection.

    and ideas?
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    Have a look at this one.

    Ive got this exact case except mine is the black "soft touch" plastic.

    Good luck. I put mine in my pocket and dont use the belt clip. Also since you put yours in your purse often the flip up screen protector would help you that way too.
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    Well, you could try one of the Seidio slim cases, I think the <a href="" target="_blank">crystal</a> one would be best for you, or maybe the black rubber. The black looks good, but I actually got tired of it and I'm not using a naked Treo. One thing with it though, is it started pitting the bezel around the screen. It's barely noticable, unless you're looking directly at it, but bothers me that it's like that and not even my fault. Maybe I shouldn't recommend it.

    I tried the Invisible Shield on my Treo 650. It worked great, for a while. It started peeling JUST a bit around the edges and would collect dirt and grime along the edges also. I did keep it in my linty pocket, but it still didn't look good. It gave it a good feel though, and it looked nice. When I did decide to take it off, it either left the Treo feeling weird or I had just forgotten how it felt. I also had a hard time using it in the OEM Palm cradle, it was just a bit too tight.

    You might want to try a leather case, such as the Piel Frama one. I bought one from <a href="" target="_blank">Palm</a>, for a 650, and loved it. I didn't like carrying it on my belt and it was a bit too bulky for my pocket, so I have since retired it. It fits the 700p great. Mine's different from the one in the picture though, it doesn't have the cutout and doesn't have the Palm logo on the front. It's only $20 online. I was going to offer mine for sale, but I don't think I could go lower than $20, especially since I really would like to use it again.

    I've used the magnesium one, and it's too bulky, but offers great protection.
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    I use the bodyguardz on mine. they are good if you like having a naked treo, but want some extra protection.

    I would then suggest slim pouch if you dont need a case.
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    edica have you made a decision?

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