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    I'm not crazy; I was fiddling with my shift and option keys when I hit the blue option button with the right shift, and my screen and keyboard dimmed although my brightness setting was still 100%.

    Hit the combo again and the set brightness is restored.

    It seems this is a hidden toggle between high and low brightness, but I've never heard of it.

    I've tried this on a virgin treo, and it works.

    Enjoy folks.

    Again, option+rightshift.

    oh well look at that it's posted in the keyboard shortcuts on the wiki, go treocentral.
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    How cool is that. Never knew the feature even existed after all this time

    Good spotting.
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    Here's the earliest reference I could find (11/24/2004):
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    Wow two yrs with the phone and I never knew this!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cadman View Post
    Wow two yrs with the phone and I never knew this!!

    Ditto, 2 1/2 years, never knew. But I just compared the dimming accomplished via Fctn-RtShft and Fctn-P with the screen brightness slider. The Fctn-P wins, which is to say, it accomplishes the dimmest screen, and that's what I usually want late at night.

    But still a neat trick! Reminds me of the unexpected discovery on my old original Tungsten T. Press-n-hold the power key, shifted the screen into super-dim mode. Problem is, I didn't know this! One day, stumbled into super-dim mode, didn't know how to get out! That was a problem for a while...
    -- Josh
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    Yeah I discovered this by accident as well.

    If you turn the device off and then on the settings aren't kept, but it is still really cool.
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