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    I just went to the apple store after the hype was over and there's less people crowding the iphone there. I tried to load a few webpages using their AT&T's EDGE service and I thought its pretty quick. I tried out a few website on there, and they all rendered graphics so much better and quicker than the 755p with EV-DO. I think EV-DO may be faster in general than EDGE, but the iphone renders graphics and text a whole lot quicker than the 755p. I tried a few webpages simultaneously on the 755 and iphone, and every time the iphone came out first with a perfect webpage and the quickest. What do you guys think?
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    If the pages on the iphone loaded faster its because you were in the APPLE they possibly had it hooked up with Wifi. But Blazer seems alot slower because of the OS kinda like a bottle neck when data is loading. I've read other places that someone did the same test and the treo won.
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    I actually when in the settings and turned of the Wifi, and E symbol popped up in place on the iphone.
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    yeah it had to be on wifi.. I went into an apple store near here and when I turned off the wifi on the phone it was dreadfully slow. Threre is no compatition that EVDO would not win over EDGE. Nothing anyone can argue about that. Now when at&t gets Hsdpa (I think thats the right lettering) then EVDO will have real competition until Rev A is fully released.
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    Safari blows away the Blazer.... and Blazer aint even half there yet.

    I had a contest with a cousin of mine who has an iPhone... which phone would load a certain webpage faster with him on EDGE me on EVDO... Guess who won?

    the iPhone.

    Why? Safari.

    Blazer downloads a lot faster than the iPhone on EDGE, but it just renders web pages MUCH MORE SLOWLY.
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    I haven't had the opportunity to play with an Iphone yet. I guess I need to go check one out.
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    I hate how slow my blazer is... the ie in the 700wx was a lot faster at rendering pages, and would load like a computer to show the pages as they loaded.

    Just a pain in the a$$
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    I think iPhone's safari is actually a completely wrong implementation for a mobile web browser. I don't want to see whole pages through a little window, I want to be able to read the content easily. I want the pages to be formatted for my screen by a smart browser.

    That's why Opera Mobile on WM blows the doors off Safari and everything else, except not as flashy as the iPhone. It's also faster, extremely customizable, and even supports flash (slow, but it does work).

    Blazer is an absolute joke, I can't even seriously call it a browser. Xiino and especially Opera Mini are the only things that make the web usable on the Palm, and just barely.
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    Apple store, iPhone was using WiFi. I tested the iPhone at the AT&T store, and Safari loaded slower than Blazer on my 650 (both using Edge). 755 on EVDO smokes iPhone on Edge. You were seeing WiFi for sure.
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    Safari on the Iphone is the best mobile browser out there. Blazer was a huge improvement on previous Palm browsers....but like everything about the Palm, it hasn't seen significant improvement in years. I run a combination of Blazer and OperaMini on my Palm...neither is very good. Opera will render some websites that Blazer can't but yields resets like nothing else on my Palm.

    I also have a Nokia N770 and a Archos 604 wifi (both Linux based.) Both of those devices have browsers that put Blazer to shame. I don't expect we'll see a huge improvement in the a Palm browser till we see a Unix based operating system.

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