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    I am no longer a Sprint customer, but still have the 650p I used when I was.

    Now I am selling that 650p to a stranger, and would like to remove ALL personal data from the device before I hand it over.

    I have done a hard reset.

    Now, if I go to "Phone Info" in the phone app, I still see my PCS phone number and former Vision username. I really want to clear this data.

    Sprint says their computer will not display the MSL for the device because my account is already closed, and they did not know of any other way to reset this data prior to the new owner's activation of the phone.

    Has anyone dealt with this issue and solved it in any way?

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    There is the Zero Out Reset detailed on the website, which is the cleanest reset you can do. I just bought a second hand 650 as well and the previous owners phone # and vision username were still in the palm. But when I activated it, of course it overwrote the phone# and when I got my Vision username, I could overwrite it in Preferences - Network; the username box is writable once you click on Modify.
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    Sprint is lying. The MSL is available or they wouldn't be able to activate it for the new customer. The MSL was available when you had it activated.

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