I give up. I tried the Datebk 4.56 and ActionNames 4.53, whatever the latest versions are.

I don't mind the complexity. I like to read. I like to master.

but, I got alot of errors and reset demands on both. Ok, I'm pretty full ramwise and I have lots of hacks and apps. But really, for my needs, all I want is icons or color in datebook+.

Has no one ever seen such a hack. I don't believe it!!!

I have seen a fake-name creator for when you're out clubbing.
I have seen an ex-husband's voodoo doll that you can poke and make scream.
I have seen a palmasutra app.

BUT the 2 apps I want:
1. a phone tone creator for visor speaker for auto dialing.
2. a icon/color hack for datebook+


Geez, I wonder if I can bribe my teenager to write these for me??