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    We've got all kinds of rumors. We've got a photo with a Sprint logo. What is the speculation as to when the Centro might actually be released for sale? I am very interested in buying one. Right now I have a Moto Q that is giving me problems. I want to get something new, but want it to be cheap, because I have no wish to sign a new contract - so no upgrade discounts. So what I buy has to be on the cheap side. I'm not adverse to going back to POS, so it sounds like the Centro would be perfect for me. Plus I really do like the looks of it. For some reason that's alot more important to me than it used to be (I can't believe I used to tote around a Treo 300 - talk about ugly). I've actually even thought about saying the heck with the Smartphone world and going back to just a plain old cell phone. It's amazing what my wife can do with her Razr.
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    Just because I am looking for the link I can't find it, but I believe it is supposed to be 10-14-2007 on Sprint with a 90 day exclusive. So the absolute soonest that it would be on Verizon would be 1-14-08. Given Verizon's track record sometime between June and December 08 would be more realistic.

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