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    Im Planning to switch my OS from Windows XP to VISTA.
    I heard some rumors that VISTA selects some software compatible to its OS.

    My question is: Is Palm Desktop compatible with VISTA OS?

    Thanks in advance..
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    See Palm Sites for details about Vista compatibility - Link
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    I have Vista and have not had any problems, well, with at least with Palm Desktop. I have definitely had other issues with incompatibility with other software/drivers. At any rate, I currently have the Treo 755p and running Palm Desktop 4.2. When I check other version information, the Install Tool Application is 6.0.1 and Hotsync is 6.0.1. All of this came bundled on the install disk. Everything works great.
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    I bought a Vista laptop for my wife six months ago. She has not been able to sync her 650 for, oh... about six months. I read all the support hooha, downloaded the correct patches, did multiple clean installs including the latest beta version of Palm Desktop.... Everything Palm said works, didn't work for me.

    From the previous post some people have had more success.

    In the end, my wife switched to a Nokia N75. She was only using the Treo for phone, contacts and calendar. Now, when she needs help I can do my best Sgt. Schultz imitation.

    BTW, this is not the only software inconpatibility I've run accross. Vista is purty, but I'll keep my XP for at least another year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yanz011 View Post
    Im Planning to switch my OS from Windows XP to VISTA.
    Sorry to be OT, but why? Vista may be prettier than XP, but it has nothing else going for it. Furthermore, there are many pieces of software and device drivers that just don't work properly on Vista. Finally, most people seem to find upgrading to Vista (which is what I take you to mean by "switch") a far worse experience than just buying a new machine with Vista installed.

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