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    Hey, im a treo newb and wanted to know about email on a treo... Is there a better way to check your email on a treo besides using the web browser and going to your email site?

    Im thinking there has to be something integrated?

    Also is there a free push email service integrated into treos?
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    Okay there is an email program built in that can handle pretty much any email service out there called Versamail .. in the treo under the category All, you will find it named simply email. Versamail also can be used with Microsofts Active sync so that mail can be pushed to your phone. You can use a free service like to accomplish push by simply setting up a account and forwarding your other email to that site.
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    Take a test driver of ChatterEmail. There are some IMAP providers that do provide a free level of service; Fastmail is one of them.

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    There is also a email program from sprint.

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