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    Funny, I have many similar annoyances in reverse: I'm a longtime Treo 650 user who recently got a BB Charm (7130e?) as my work device. I'm trying like h*** to port Treo useability & functionality to the BB. Not much luck so far, so I'm stuck w/ 2 large phones for now.

    I won't hijack the thread by going into detail, but suffice to say that the difference between the OP and me are that "RTM" and "search the forums" are far more effective for Treo info than for BB. P)
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    I too use my treo for business use... dj remember one thing!!!


    thats what i say to myself every time i reset the phone.... damn palm...

    It's a love / hate relationship with my palm... i love my palm... the palm hates me ... ... (ohh new signature opportunity) ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MannyPR View Post
    I have to ask: Did you RTFM. Many of your questions are answered there.
    Smartest answer of the thread.
    Actually the first 3 things I listed where comments for things that can't be changed. The fourth comment of mine couldn't have been answered by reading the manual. The fifth comment actually can't be changed either. You can only change the length of time it takes to lock or disable the feature completely, not change the button that locks the device like I was wanting to do.

    So, as you can see, READING THE F****NG MANUAL wouldn't have done much. I was simply posting some of my first impressions with my new Treo.

    You can say "RTFM" or "use the search" to almost everybody who posts in any forum. Forums wouldn't be as useful as they are if everybody thought like this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DJorgie76 View Post
    This is exactly the problem. If I was in a situation where I wanted to lower the ringer, why wouldnt I want to lower any of the other alerts? The volume buttons should lower all sounds to the selected level. I shouldn't have to go through the prefs menus to lower all the other individual alerts. It just doesn't make sense. You really cant beat Blackberry I guess. But for the price of the SERO plan I think I may be able to learn to deal with these issues.
    Try a profile manager. I use Profiles (freeware) - do a search in this forum. You can customize several features in a couple of key presses like lowering ringer and alert volume and even change ringtones. You can also schedule profile triggers and integrate it with your calendar so when your scheduled meeting arrives, it silences the treo automagically. There are still volumes more 3rd party apps for the PalmOS than any other platform. And most are free.

    Off topic: I was in a training class last week and one of my coworkers had a Blackberry that kept ringing in class. I asked him if he could just put it on vibrate. He said "Don't ever get a Blackberry."
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