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    Northglide Uninstall Manager 3.14 (
    Rogame Destaller Pro 2.9.2 (

    Hi, I couldn't find much info on a head-to-head comparison. In broad strokes, what are the pros & cons to each?

    I know Northglide UM has a sandbox function, but is its association function too invasive (accidentally associates unrelated files eg when using Backup software etc)?

    Thanks for your kind advice!
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    I found that Destaller Pro still left some small files. UM seems to do better and is easier to use because you don't have to open it to delete like DP. You can delete from the standard launcher . FWIW, I disable sandbox when upgrading software already installed. I only enable it when installing questionable stuff.
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    As I mentioned in the PM I replied to, they are both top of the line. The big difference between the two is the level of support.

    As Twitch mentioned, I also experienced one occasion when DeStaller Pro missed two files when I was playing with it. I then executed a hard reset, installed the latest backup, installed Uninstall Manager and repeated the test and UM caught all of the files.

    In addition, I also like the user interface.

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    I have not used Destaller so I don't know whether it's better, but I have been using Uninstall Manager since it was released. It's gotten better and better. It's the first thing I install on a new PalmOS PDA. And the customer support is great.

    A very satisfied customer.

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