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    Hey guys,

    So I bought an HTC Mogul back in June, and after spending the summer with it, I really miss my treo. To transfer my info from my Palm treo to the Pocket PC Mogul, I bought some program and it seemed to work smoothly. However, now that I'm thinking about going back to Palm, I can't seem to find a way to transfer my data from Pocket PC back to Palm.

    Does anyone know an easy solution?

    With that in mind... if/when I go back to my Treo, I'm thinking of eventually getting an iPhone. Does anyone have experience with transferring Palm data to iPhones?

    Thanks much.
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    Not knowing anything about the HTC Mogul. But after googling it well I was able to use the PalmDesktop Software w/ Outlook conduit and do a full synch back and forth between my Treo 700P and my Blackberry 7520. When I made a change in the BB I was able to replicate it back and it went right into my Treo. So its definitely possible. I was using Outlook 2003 also which I am not a fan of Windows Products but it does work.

    Give it a shot. Though I am not exactly sure how you would be able to sync that stuff back on a newly installed Palmdesktop. Tricky But tinker w/ it.
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    Same suggestion here.

    Install Palm Desktop and tell it to sync with outlook. Sync your mogul to outlook using activesync.
    Do a hard-reset on your palm (to clear the data) then do a fresh hotsync to outlook and it should pull the data on to the Treo.

    If at this point you want to stop using outlook completely, you can uninstall Palm desktop, then reinstall it with palm desktop sync only.

    This is how I moved my wife from a Treo 650 to a Treo 750 (WM) then back to a Treo 680 (she hated WM )

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