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    About half of the files (I keep about 8 synced) in Sheet To Go are missing data. Instead of numbers in cells I get things like:


    All files show up just fine on the desktop. I tried deleting all files on the handheld, setting my HotSync to "Desktop Overrides Handheld" and syncing clean copies. Same problem.

    These are files I've used daily for years and they have critical data. Fortunately the desktop versions are intact.

    To make it even stranger, cells with text are fine and even a couple sections of numbers are correct. The bulk of the data, however, is in this odd format.

    And even more odd than that is that when I move to a cell with one of these odd series the entry bar at the bottom shows the correct number, so the data is there and the formulas are there, you just can't see them.

    Any help is appreciated!
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    it looks like the whole page had its formatting changed to scientific notation. Did you make a change like that recently?
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    Try to make the columns wider. I have had that problem in Excel before. For whatever reason, Excel converts to scientific notation when the numbers don't fit inside the cell. Making the column wider solved the problem in Excel.
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    It's not a column width thing - tried that. It doesn't list it as scientific notation, but I was able to mess with the number formatting and get one number back to normal. I'll see if there's a way to get the entire sheet back.

    Thanks for the good leads!
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    Hey - you guys are great! Fixed it. It wasn't in scientific notation, but for some reason changing the decimal places - or anything in the formatting - fixed it. I could even change it back to the way it was and now it's fine - it just needed something to change it seems. Weird. Whatever - it works now.

    I was about to freak out on Dataviz. I was already cranky because I purchased Premium 9.0 and less than 2 weeks later they put out 10.0 and wanted me to pay ANOTHER $30 for it. Their support system is so unfriendly it's sad, and now they want to charge money for the right to download software you've already purchased! Lame!

    For the record, you all beat them to an answer by a mile

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