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    On my 600, or maybe it was the 650 I was able to do 2 things that I can't seem to do on my 755p...

    The first is in the phone app. When I enter buttons I have to chose between numbers or searching in contacts. was the phone able to "figure it out" in the past? Like when you started typing and there was no contact and it was switch it to a number? This is a minor issue and I can live without it, but when did they take it out.

    The 2nd issue is, with the calendar app. I remember I use to be able to create a task. (different than the task program), so lets say on 4/1 i make a task to do my taxes. So from now until 4/1 it wouldnt show up on the calendar, but on 4/1 it would show up at the very top with an open circle. Lets say I didnt do my taxes, on 4/2 it will still show up until I checked the circle and then it would dissapear.

    I thought that was the greatest task program and I really do miss that one. I wish the task program on the phone was more integrated into the calendar.

    Anybody know where my features went?
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    ^ The calendar funtionality you articualted was called a "Floating Event" and was a feature in the bundled calendar app on the Treo 600 (which was a licensed version of DateBk.)

    You can get this functionality back (and so much more) by installing DateBk6. I use it and can't imagine my Treo without it.
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    TakePhone will give you back that phone functionality, and so much more.
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    My tasks float just fine.

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