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    Couple of quick tips to get Goodlink to install on 755p.
    1) make sure you follow jrineharts suggestions
    (I made my IT guy re-do - just to be sure - they skipped some)
    2) make sure they are pushing (or 5)
    --I had to step my IT guy through it - he kept taking the defaults and that pushed (which is fine for Treo 650 and 700). Since I was the first 755p he just assumed it would be fine.

    p.s. maybe goodguy can tell you for sure how to check on Good Mgmt Console what version is being pushed. I remember I was walking my IT guy through how to install from SD card (got the doc from Goodlink site), when we stumbled upon the option to make higher version (34) they one that got pushed out.

    Hope that helps
    Palm Pre and a nice collection of Treos: 755p, 700, 650, 600, 300 and Palm Pilots, Visors, and Sony Clie
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    To see what version is being installed... do the following

    Open GMC

    Select User groups, then select the group you want to check.

    Double-click on the group, then select "edit group software"

    Then select handheld family to choose the device platform (WM standard, WM pro, Palm, etc)

    Then in the middle you will see a tab for "good technology. Here you can select which version is running.

    Remember, by changing the version, you will force all existing users to upgrade/downgrade according to your action, so tread carefully.

    As always, this information is found (in more detail) in the GMM admin guide.
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    I and my partner have both been having the exact same problem. I got a replacement 755p and went to install Goodlink. Goes thru install fine then freezes at startup. I also tried delete/reinstall with and without Hard resets but no dice. Previously using Goodlink w/o problem on my old 755p. I posted this last week but did not see any relies.

    I notice that this version of the Goodlink installer seems to ave a seperate install routine for the Goodlink programs. The prior version did not (or it was embedded in the OTA installer). I believe I am getting a different version of Goodlink than in the past. Looking for a solution.

    Mike Tulane
    Quote Originally Posted by masonuc View Post
    755p Firmware? 1.04

    Not sure how that would affect it. Yes, Sprint.

    Goodlink told me to have IT remove me from the server, hard reset, then redo everything. I can't imagine how something on the server is causing problems on my device, but I hope to try once I get some help from our IT Goodlink person.
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    Hi mark,

    Most of the thread activity moved the the GMM forum, hosted by motorola.

    You'll probably get more help there.

    BTW, check to make sure you have the latest firmware and also check with whoever managed your Goodlink server. The version that is pushed from the server HAS to match the one for your phone, or you'll have problems.

    Hope this helps!
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