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    Hey all,

    I received a 700p from a friend, and had it activated on my wife's account yesterday. After a hard reset, the only setting that stuck around was the previous user's vision username. So, I changed that to my wife's username and her password and all that -- and received a ERROR 67 registration error.

    I called a Sprint Tech last night and spent several hours on the phone, resetting things, attempting to reprovision, etc. At end, they said they would reset her username and password and to try after 4 hours.

    This morning, nothing - I noticed that the "power vision" profile under the network settings wasn't there -- so I called the Tech again, and he helped me manually create a new network profile. It still gave the 67 error. He created a ticket, and said they would call back.

    I am looking for some reassurance that this issue is somewhat common, and it just takes time for the system to refresh and allow the phone to connect to the web.

    Any one have some weird fix for this that they heard of? I have heard that a "super hard reset" may fix the problem -- but I am not sure about that.

    Could it be a phone issue? I am not sure since the previous user used the web. Oh yea -- i think that when i first activated the phone on my wife's account, I could access the web while the previous owners username was still in there... maybe the homepage just came up from the cache -- as that is all that I looked at...



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    I'd do a hard reset and reprovision the phone.
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    I have been having the same problem on my 755p since Sunday. Everything was fine for a month and then I decided to port my Verizon number to my Treo. Constant error 67s since!

    I have spent hours with sprint. After going up the tech ladder every day, I keep getting the same story. They know that there is a problem. They are not sure when or how to fix it. Great ...

    And yes I have done the normal palm fixes (hard reset) as well as various Sprint fixes (##data#). So frustrating!

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