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    Hi jhn!Sorry to hear your 755 resets. My 755 does not and I have a great many programs loaded. Most often, resets are due to 3rd party software corruption or conflicts.When I am at a PC, I will post a link to the 'clean install' process that can clear corruption and identify problem programs.As well, I will post a link to a prior post where I have listed my installed programs for your comparison.Also, I would recommend nightly hot syncs and/or a backup to SD card program to protect your data. Although, you should not lose data due to a soft reset.Cheers, Perry

    I would be interested in your links also. This is my first Treo and I have been cautious about adding third party apps also. So far, I only have Mundu and NVbackup.


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    Although I have not owned a 700p, I doubt that the 755p is a step backwards to any other Palm OS Treo.

    The keyboard is a little tighter than the 650, but it works.
    The stylus is a little cheesy, but I seldom have to even pull it out thanks to fieldplus. I thought the same when I switched from the Tungsten T3 to the 650. At least it is not the plastic stylus they dumped with the Zire 71 or 72.

    The application changes are appreciated; however, they are changed more to help the new Treo owners (like changing the drop down menu shortcut symbol from the stylus swipe (cursive lowercase L) to the menu button).

    The EVDO is speed is great. The 2MB download limit is gone, the speed is great and I can listen to podcasts online without having to download it.

    The covering allows for a much better grip. My wife's Blue Zire's paint peeled within weeks. Palm learned from that mistake.

    The softer curves and missing external antenna allows for a sexier look and smaller profile.

    The extra internal RAM allows more apps to loaded before having to off load apps to memory.

    Although I was pleased that my old SD cards are not usuable, I am very delighted to have my mini-SD tucked behind the door and safe from unwanted ejections.

    The silver coating on the five-way nav and other buttons are holding their own finish. I have had many 650s (replaced by Sprint insurance for $50) and they all showed wear and tear on the button and 5 way nav areas as well as around the screen. The 755p does not have this problem.

    Everyone has different expectations, so anything can be expected, but the comments about the silencer switch seems to me that they are searching for something to complain about. You can barely even see the thing long enough to notice it.

    The 650 would lose the Saved Preferences all the time, I have a problem on the 750 where the mini-SD card disappears after a reset or after certain apps are installed, but it is either flakey software or a bad brand od cards.

    Those with problems either have a lemon or a bad app.
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    Quote Originally Posted by C5Longhorn View Post

    I would be interested in your links also. This is my first Treo and I have been cautious about adding third party apps also. So far, I only have Mundu and NVbackup.


    Hi Rick,

    Links now posted.

    Cheers, Perry
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    I started my palm phone adventures with a Kyocera 6035. I've had Samsung's and all the Treos except the 700p and the 750. The last year or so we were sitting with very stable 650's. When we renewed last time Sprint talked us into the 700wx and there were some positives, but so many negatives including bluetooth dropout, lag and resets that we were THRILLED to change out for the 755P's.

    I cant count the number of times my boss has said to me "Have I told you how much better I like this new phone?" This is a ringing endorsement from this source! These are by far the best smartphones we've had.

    They set up easy, I've had only one or two resets, but I load my system to the limits, trying new software. I like the feel, the speed, the size, the secure memory card and more memory.

    I hear a lot of whining about having to add (read, buy) 3rd party software. Well, look at what came on your computer and how much software you've had to add to it to make it do what you need. How much money have you spent on software and extra hardware.

    Anytime you take a piece of technology and push it to it's limit, in many cases taking it well beyond what it was designed for you are apt to cause the occasional problem.
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    Things I dislike about the 755p versus the 700p:

    1) Camera is in a terrible place. Too low, my fingers often get in the way. Should have left it at top like 700p.

    2) Battery life much worse than 700p.

    3) Accesories unique to 755p that fit no other palm -- battery and miniSD. I understand this was for form factor reasons but still a huge annoyance. I don't even care about having to buy new ones, I just like sharing/swapping with other devices and Treo owners.

    4) Why does the call log no longer display the phone numbers (unidentified callers) and instead lists their state? That is new, and annoying. Can't figure out how to change it.

    5) Lag on startup.

    6) Equally as unstable as the 700p (which is to say, less stable than the 650 but more stable than the 600). I've already had 2 random resets using Blazer. And this was on a completely fresh phone. And Blazer has frozen on me a few times, also (had to exit Blazer completely and restart it to get to website).

    7) The keys/buttons are "louder" -- really a problem for me as sometimes I do email in the middle night 9if I can't sleep) and don't like to wake my wife. It is a noticeable difference. It may improve over time as the keys get worn in but no previous Treo was this loud.

    The only improvements are:

    1) Form factor.

    2) Instant messaging client. Saves you $10 or so from having to purchase a 3rd party one. This does nothing for me as I don't use IM.

    I do think the form factor is a significant improvement and the slimmer we can get, the better. Still, if someone offered me a brand new 700p or a brand new 755p -- and all factors such as future resale value were ignored -- I'd probably go with the 700p. But it's basically a tossup. Can't say that about any device upgrade I've ever done.

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