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    I have a 700wx that I use of my Moto Q... but I'm thinking of getting rid of my Moto Q and changing that to a 755p... I haven't been into the palm OS.. I've played with it here and there.. but I like the windows.

    I'm sure I can get use to the palm OS but i know a few people who have 650's and from their complaints i'm glad to have a 700wx... but this 755p would replace my Q as a standard phone... mainly text, e-mail, internet.

    I have a bunch of SPB software on my 700wx. But if I like the 755p I might switch that to my everyday work phone and use my 700wx and my spare and 2nd line...

    couldn't find much with the search.. anyone have links that would help me. I want to get rid of the Moto Q due to the software problems... but I see some complaints on the 755p...

    what to do
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    I traded in my wx for the 755p and love it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobdelt View Post
    I traded in my wx for the 755p and love it.
    really? everytime i use play with a 755p at a store.. it's like whatever to me... I'm just so stuck on the whole windows thing.

    what about software issues? I don't really have to do any soft resets on the 700wx but.. once or twice a week if that..
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...
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    I don't know.. if you really like Windows and WM devices and are totally in tune with the way it works, I think you're only going to be disappointed and annoyed with PalmOS and the 755p. I would stay away if I were you and wait for the next WM Treo device.
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    I haven't had any issues... I use to be the same way, I loved windows mobile. And it wasn't until I picked up the POS treo again that I realized how many more buttons and menus I must go through to do the same thing.

    Some things do suck tho, like the multitasking, playing music and do something else is possible, but performance sucks. I also like the blazer browser a lot better than pocket IE.

    WM6 looks nice though, too bad there isnt a treo with that, the mogul looks awesome but dont want to have to slide out a keyboard.
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    I use both a 700wx and a 755p.

    755p more pocketable with no antenna and ever so slightly thinner and lighter. It is enough that it feels smaller and lighter in your hand. I never put the 700wx in my front pocket, but I do that to the 755p all the time.

    755p POS is generally more responsive. However, it gets bogged down more easily also. Faster when it is fast, and slower when it is slow. The lack of multitasking is also annoying.

    Overheating on 755p is a problem that I do not see on the 700wx. When streaming, such as watching video on Sling Player, the 755p gets very hot, only does max 15 frames per second, and after 5 minutes, it turns down the intensity of the screen due to heating. The 700wx plays at 30 frames per second and barely just warm.

    The 755p is easier to use. If my wife picks up the 755p, she has no problem getting to the phone and making a call. If she picks up the 700wx, she gives it back and asks me to get the phone up.
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    I have/support both the 700wx and 755p. Trust me, the wx can/WILL heat up. I've had the battery temperature warning occur at least 4times over the summer with my current device. Thankfully, it hasn't happened in the last month or so. Nevertheless, I've found it very stable, in terms of crashes. The 755p is certainly prettier(w/the screen off) and nicer to handle. Weth is right on about it's performance.
    Something old, something new. I got a ringer switch and 800W .
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    the size difference is nothing to me.... but I know i can get rid of my Moto Q and pick up a 755p and break even... I'm just wondering if it's worth the time to do it. I love the screen on the Moto Q.. thats just about it.. when I surf the internet on my phones.. i'll do it with the Q because the picture is so much nicer. but I just love how my 700wx functions... maybe I got to play with the 755p more.. this will be a newbie quetsion but....

    what are some good links, so i can do a bit more research in the POS in the 755p
    I had to ditch my 700wx for a Blackberry...

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