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    I am trying to find a solution to something I thought would be simple enough. I am trying to use my Treo more efficiently and wanted to be able to access the "notes" portion of the contacts application without a bunch of key presses and possibly hanging up on someone.

    While on a call, I was hoping to find a way to simply display on screen a "Notes" button or program a "Quick Key/favroite" button that would take you to the notes section of the current caller's contact info. In searching I have tried YourCall, easyaddress, Comet, Contact5, calllog, Snap and a host of others. Most programs are very good and clever in their on right but either overkill or have features of applications I already have. I just need to be able to access one function in one click. I like the notes of the contact because it keeps the information with the caller's contact info and hotsyncs to Entourage (on a Mac) to the respective callers notes.

    Does anyone know of an application that will do this or of a larger program that has this functionality?

    I have searched the forums and see other posters in the past ask similar questions. I have installed most of the applications suggested but haven't quite found the right one.

    Thanks in advance

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    I'm not sure if this will help, but there is a program called snap that that works as a notepad that integrates with all the existing palm apps. For example, you can enter info into snap and then make it a appointment, contact, email, task, or whatever. It's simple enough to map it to any button you like.
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    Thanks for the response....
    I forgot to mention I tried Snap too, however it does not access the "Contact's" note field, it allows you to take notes then convert them into a contact, appointment or Note/memo but not to your current (or any other) contact's note field in the address book.


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