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    Is anyone having a problem with personal ringtones, the ones you've assigned to individual contacts, which are supposed to play when these certain individuals call...

    These personally assigned ringtones should ovveride the System Default, which is also a ringtone I personally assigned to be played for all other Known Callers. The individual ringtones should override the system default but they aren't; the system default is overriding the personally assigned ringtones. Clear as mud? This is on a Sprint 700p.
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    So, nobody has experienced this or is it that my poor writing skills cause this to be too confusing? I have a hard time believing no one has experienced this.
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    Based on the fact that you've entered this post in the Goodlink forum I'm going to assume you have GMM installed. With GMM installed, by default it wants to take over your phone contacts. You're in luck that you have a Palm OS phone as there are several workarounds. Unfortunately I've not had a Palm OS phone for nearly a year and have forgotten most of the two parts. One method called for deleting a particular file (Goodcontacts I believe) then resetting your phone. The other, less intrusive, method called for making a change to the launcher properties of the Goodcontacts. Assuming these posts are still on the site a search for "good" and "contacts" should turn up some useful info.
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    Well, lets start with establishing a couple facts.

    WHich firmware do you have on the Sprint 700p? Which version of Goodlink?

    I think the personalized ringtones works on WM5 with GMM, so i figure that it should also on the palm. Haven't tried this on 5.0 beta, but i may try this out.
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    Trodecke and Darth, thanks so much for the help. I apologize for the long delay but I've been out of town.

    I'm not sure what firmware version I'm using but does this help: Palm Garnet v.5.4.9? I'm using Good v.

    I've tried contacting our Exchange hosting support but they can't solve the problem, claiming the standard "it's not our issue." I've checked with Good. There doesn't seem to be any support. I haven't contacted Sprint because I know they won't be able to resolve it, unless I just get unbelievably lucky by talking to a support professional who actually not only knows what he's doing but is willing to help.

    I'm at a loss. I can get the phone to recognize a personal ringtone for all callers but can't use personal ringtones for individual callers. Very frustrating.
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    sorry for the long delay.

    Ok, i tested this out.

    On the palm, like trodecke explained... after installing GMM, GMM overlays its own contacts database, where you CANNOT set individual ringtones.

    We are going to call them GMM Contacts.

    If you don't install GMM, the contacts program built-in to the Palm allows you to set individual ringtones.

    Those we will call Palm Contacts.


    Now, on Palm 700p, I was able to create separate Palm contact entries and assign them individual ringtones. Now remember, I said Palm Contacts, so you need to create them separately...

    I was able to get this to work, while running GMM 5.0.x.x


    To your original question... Are you saying that you do have palm native contacts and have set personal ringtones, but the system default takes over?

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