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    Hi gang!

    I have, after much futzing and Missing Sync, worked out a reasonable sync situation between my iBook and my Palm OS Treo 650. So the hubby comes home today with new(ish) 700's that his office bought then decided against over Crackberries. So we could get 'em for muy cheap . Problem is he brought them home with nothing... and they are loaded with Windows Mobile instead of Palm.

    I have Missing Sync, but don't know where to start. I plugged it into my USB connection and it chirps at me but doesn't connect. It says it uses ActiveSync, but I can only find it online for PC. Can anyone help me with some basic instructions to get my iBook and the new Treo with Windows Mobile to recognize each other? I'm sure there's something dumb I am missing. Whether we trade up to these puppies depends on if I can get it to sync with my Mac.

    Thanks in advance for the help!
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    The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, v4.0
    Overview | New in 4.0 | Features List | Screenshots | Supported Devices | Known Issues | Upgrade
    Windows Mobile, meet Mac OS X
    The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile lets you easily connect and synchronize Windows Mobile Smartphones and Pocket PCs with your Mac.
    Features at a Glance

    Connects with Windows Mobile devices via USB and Bluetooth
    Supports devices running Windows Mobile 2002/2003/5/6
    Syncs with Address Book, iCal, Entourage 2004 and others
    Syncs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other files
    Downloads iPhoto albums and iTunes playlists
    Imports device-side photos and video
    Encodes QuickTime video for mobile playback
    Provides drag-and-drop install of .cab-formatted applications
    Displays phone call and SMS text message logs on the Mac
    Supports two Macs and any number of Windows Mobile devices
    Universal application provides the best performance
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    So I have the wrong Missing Sync? Mine does say for Palm OS... so I need to buy this other version?
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    It looks like that is the only way, except of course running Windows on your mac using Parralels or bootcamp.

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    Check with MS you might be able to deactivate the MS/palm and just pay an upgrade to the MS/windows, they did that for me years ago when I switched from windows to palm.

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