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    This is only a hunch I had after reading this thread in the 700wx forum. I bet this is related to the update we got as well since both the palm os and wm versions of the treo updates were all pulled.

    Take a gander:

    VZW updater 1.22B coming soon (from the 700w/wx forum)
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    Sounds like we have someone who knows what they're talking about. Grant should get a raise.
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    So if thats the case is it a question of a programming issue? this highly sheds ALOT of light and if this is B$ then Its the best B$ that I can buy. LOL. So that mean that all these other people including palm themselves might need an updated SDK to fix these issues.
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    This is just getting worse. I can't believe how bad Palm has screwed us. They should issue a recall!
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    This is illuminating about the network problems, and I'm glad they've finally understood the problem. But it seems that Palm is still stonewalling us on other unsolved issues, like freezes/lags/crashes/bluetooth, which are reported to persist, or show up in different ways, after the MR. I never installed the 1.10 MR, and I have avoided it especially after reading about the network connection headaches. But once this particular problem is solved, I still have to decide whether a newer MR is worth the risk to install.
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    I agree its illuminating. I'll admit as mad and frustrated as I've been with the MR I'd really recommend doing what the VZW Tech had me do. Maybe doing it in that specific order really helps. Though only time will tell if its truly an issue. I only have one item in the Preferences/Network settings where its all blank which is the 'factory installed' one. My error 3000s have been extremely minimal now. But after extremely careful tinkering and also talking to one developer of a very popular piece of software he gave me such a unique insight into how this all pulls together that he taught an old dog some new tricks. I'll post my thoughts on this later. Now I wish that one by one we can be assassins to all of these unique yet continuous issues.

    Again... time will tell....
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