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    I have a 650, updated Versamail and Exchange ActiveSync client software as described on the Palm site ( Syncing with the Exchange server has been working very nicely since I set it up several months ago.

    Yesterday I setup Plaxo with the Outlook toolbar and sync'd my contacts and calendar with the Plaxo service. Now contacts and calendar sync are broken.

    The error I get when I Sync All: "There was a problem with syncing. There was a problem syncing contacts"
    Under Details: AirSAMStateMachine.c 3299 1507

    Anyone have a similar experience? Any suggestions? (uninstalling Plaxo is coming very soon if I can't get this solved)
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    I just started encountering this same problem today. i'm running treo 650 on cingular using versamail 3.5. mail and calendar syncs fine but none of my contacts are coming up.

    did anyone figure out reason for the problem and fix?
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    Plaxo resets the update, dates on the data, screwing up the Palm/Activesync system, which is obviously too poorly written to handle the case of another sync happening which might muck it up.

    My solution was to nuke my Palm contacts data and re-sync with outlook once I knew my Outlook data was up to date with Plaxo and then not sync with Plaxo again.

    A very frustrating workaround but for now Plaxo syncs will happen for me only out of utmost necessity, otherwise, I'm using Outlook with the Palm for now.

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