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    I have a 650 and want to upgrade to a 755p. I pay $5 a month for Vision (I'm the second phone on a family plan). Sprint told me I need to change toa $25 vision plan...I'm sure I've read somewhere here that this is not the case. Can someone confirm this, and let me know what steps I need to go through to not need to change the plan?

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    All I can tell you is of my recent experience upgrading. I upgraded from a Treo 600 to my current 755p. I did not upgrade to Power Vision at the time of the order, and didn't know I needed to do so.

    Last week, after 2 months of using my new 755, I received a bill with a $75 additional data charge. I was paying only $15 per month for Vision on my T600.

    I called Sprint and was told the 755p is flagged as not compatible with the old Vision plans, and requires Power Vision. The very nice Sprint rep proceeded to credit the $75 and go back another month to find I was over charged $14 more which I had missed. She then set me up with the Power Vision Access Pack, which is their basic unlimited data plan at $15 per month (I am the first line on a package of 3). I don't need video mail and all the other junk of the higher costing Power Vision plans.

    The one thing missing was SMS. She told me the 100 messages included in my old Vision plan is no longer included with Power Vision. She then added 500 SMS messages to my monthly account for no additional charge just for what she described as the trouble I went through with this over charge. In reality it wasn't much trouble at all. All I did was call and ask with a pleasant attitude. She did the rest, with an even more pleasant attitude.

    So I guess to answer your question, apparently yes, you do need to upgrade to Power Vision. But it also shouldn't cost any more than the old Vision service.

    In the end, my experience with Sprint Customer Service has been awesome. I've heard others say differently, but Sprint has treated me very well over the past 6 years, and never let me down. In this case the Sprint Rep went way above and beyond my expectations.

    Great job Sprint!
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    Thanks. I wonder if it's different because I am line 2 on a plan?....
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    if you have been with Sprint for a few years, I suggest you call *2 and say 'cancel.' when the Retention dept comes on the lineam tell them how you are thinking about switching to another provider, yada, yada....But be Nice. bottom line is that you do need a PowerVision plan for the 755 and it's a per line charge. if u just want unltd Data, they should offer you a 'grandfathered' plan for $15 to $20 max , that would include unltd data, and if u ask them nonchallantly for unltd SMS, they will most likely include it with either the $15 or $20 plan. sprint still has the best prices for data, period! and, in some areas (like here in Nor Cal, you get free data roaming on Verizon - sometimes EVDO and other times 1xrt. if u get nowhere upon your first call, make note of what they offer you, and call back a few days later.
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    It seems silly you have to play these games with Sprint. Why can't they run a business that takes care of their customers first.
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    i am paying $10 for the vision and $10 for unlimited text.
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    Yes, you do have to change plans, I upgraded 5 650s to 755p and they didn't upgrade the plan on three of them. They just cancelled the old plan that no longer work with the 755p and did not add the new plan.

    So, if you haven't asked the plan to be added when activating the new 755p, you most likely paying per use for your data.

    I think Sprint is running their business right, they use have people who don't understand the products they sell (like many other businesses). They recognize this and have some "safe guards" in place to keep customers. Some people have learned ways to manipulate this system to get changes even though they have not experienced trouble themselves.
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