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    when using versa mail in conjunction with Sprint email, it doesn't get all of the messages i have all at once. it will download one email and then a message will pop up saying the email could not be downloaded, so for each message i have, i have to keep pressing get after the previous email downloads. also, if there are pictures in the email, forget about it. it will not download any of the pictures.
    anyone care to take a guess at how to resolve this?
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    I seem to be having this problem as well, although it is not consistent. Sometimes I get all of them, other times I must get each, see the error, and click get again.

    Someone help!
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    I dont get any pictures either. But I have been getting my e-mails. Anyone know how to get the pictures and logos to come up in e-mails.
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    Had the same problem consistently on a 650, but only w/ Sprint Mail. Had 3 other accts (Comcast x2 plus a small organization) w/ no problems. Sorry to say that multiple deletes/adds of the Sprint acct eventually fixed it. I think the fix was by adding the acct from the PC, not the Treo (and vaguely remember a thread on this), but it's been a while, so I can't be more specific.
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    I had the same problem with Gmail, and the Sprint mail. I fixed it by setting it to auto sync every few hours. You only seem to have this problem when using the "Get" button.
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    Not to insult you w the obvious but your versamail preference is not marked, "Ask every time", yes to download attachments and mail limit set to some resonable amount.

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