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    I'm having two issues with Versamail, and quick google searches haven't answered my issues:

    1) Is there any way to get to my other server based email folders? Right now I can only get stuff in my Inbox. I have other folders for important stuff like travel itineraries, etc.
    2) Some of my calendar entries aren't syncing in. There seems to be no consistency regarding which ones come in, and which don't. I think it may have to do something with them all being All day events, but even then, about 60% of them show up, the other 40% just don't.

    Any suggestions?

    PS - As a previous Treo 300 and 600 user who switched to the darkside XV6700, I'd like to say, I'm back and am loving my Burgundy Treo 755p. The refinement levels of Palm and the Treo hardware blow away MS and HTC/UTStarcom.
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    I can only give you the sugestion of going to chattermail for your folder problem since versamail doesn't handle subfolders at all. only problem with that is that chattermail doesn't sync contacts or calender entries. I have no idea why some of your calender entries would sync and not others though.
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    Unfortunately, I need something that can do sync'ing of all three.

    I can work around the lack of folders. I did get the appointments thing fixed by just recreating the contacts in Outlook. There were only like 10 of them.

    What's weird about the Versamail limitation is that my other accounts that use IMAP allow for subfolder syncing.
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    You could also use Chatter for e-mail, and use Versamail for calendar/contacts.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kirk444 View Post
    You could also use Chatter for e-mail, and use Versamail for calendar/contacts.
    Good idea. What about Snappermail? I have a license for Snapper from years ago and I"m pretty sure I have the unlimited upgrades.
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    Snapper is a good mail program but doesn't push. Im really hoping they will be adding that feature in the next big update for that program if its still in production.

    Kirk have you actually tried doing that with versamail and chatter? When ever I try to just select calender and contacts the check marks only allow for all three. So it seems to me that if you want to sync one it forces you to sync all. Please let me know if you have personally done that and how it works. Thanks.
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    Push with exchange is all or nothing. If you don't use "As Items Arrive" you can set it to poll every X minutes and just use Calendar and Contacts.
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    I actually don't use push, it's too annoying, I get too many emails. I just sync when I have a free moment.
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    Yeah, I had that same problem with the "all or nothing" check boxes.

    As jbonnot says, though, choosing a schedule lets you get granular. For my calendar/contacts I set it to sync every hour or two, I think that's more than enough. The e-mail, through chatter, is still pushed as it arrives.

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