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    My wife has an unlocked Treo 680, and it didn't accept foreign SIM cards. Someone suggested the 680 only accepts newer style SIM cards. Does anyone have any information on this, as I want to use another SIM when traveling?
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    whats the SIM card from? Vodafone, Orange, T-Mobile UK?
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    I used my unlocked Cingular (now ATT) 680 with a Meteor SIM this summer. Are you sure the treo is Subsidy Unlocked (can it use other US GSM SIM cards, like Tmobile)? Or did you just 'unlock' the SIM card itself?
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    I used SIMs in Greece in May on the 680 without issue. I don't remember what kind they were.. they were disposable though.
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    I have an unlocked (Palm branded) 680. It works fine in Vietnam and China with locally purchased SIM cards (Vinafone and China Mobile). How are you testing your phone? For example, I have a prepaid US TMobile SIM card and live in an area without TMobile service. When I put that SIM in my 680, it searches for a TMobile tower and cannot find one. When I manually tell the phone to connect to the only other available tower (Cingular), it does so but cannot register since a prepaid TMobile SIM should not be able to roam onto a Cingular tower - the phone does say it will handle emergency calls, so the SIM seems to be working. I would suspect that if your are testing with a foreign SIM whose company has a roaming agreement with ATT/Cingular or TMobile, it will work, otherwise it will not. You might borrow a domestic TMobile SIM for testing, or worst case, buy a $25 prepaid TMobile SIM and test in an area with TMobile coverage.

    If you explain in more detail what you mean by "doesn't accept", someone might be able to offer additional suggestions.
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    My unlocked (formerly branded) Cingular 680 works fine with a Telcel (Mexico) prepaid SIM card as well as a "Pay as you go" AT&T SIM.
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    using my t680 in Italy with all 2G operators. Tested new, old, very old sims with no issues so far...
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    I have followed the vendor-provided instructions to subsidy unlock my AT&T no contract 680 to no avail. I have also tried the instructions detailed in this forum--the same as AT&T provided--but the device will NOT unlock. It is not a SIM lock problem it is a device subsidy lock. I have tried a T-mobile prepaid SIM and a foreign SIM neither results in an unlock and all I can make are SOS calls. I've been back and forth with AT&T and Palm but they both disavow any responsibility and point at the other.
    I have wasted countless hours, energy and money because my goal was to have the two devices in one box wherever I travel.
    Any ideas?
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    I'm having a similar issue. I have a Cingular branded 680. Installed the latest update (2.11) when it first came out.

    My phones been unlocked for about 8 months and I've had no issues. Worked fine after the latest update as well.

    But a few weeks ago, no matter if I put a Cingular, AT&T, or 3rd party SIM in the thing it says "SIM not allowed" and after a little bit says "SOS only"

    Soft reset, hard reset, nothing seems to work. AT&T says I need to buy a new phone. Palm says send us $199 and we'll get it fixed....bought the phone Jan 15th 2007......perfect timing on the waranty expiration so far as Palm is concerned.

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