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    I used to enjoy NESem on my 650, but that program doesn't really work on my 700p. I have now moved to LJP (which never worked well on my 650), and have had my eyes opened to the plethora of other systems and games that are out there.

    I don't want links to the games. I am just curious as to what games people enjoy. Does anyone use LJP for systems other than NES? What systems do you like and what games? What games play well on the 700p with its tiny button configurations?

    as for my own ideas...

    I found the original Nintendo golf to be a joy. never really played it before, but it plays well on the 700p. it 'one buttons' well.

    I have been thinking about trying Metroid as I haven't played that in forever, but I worry about how detailed and long it might be.

    I want to try Genesis games, but the 6 button layout seems to be prohibitive.

    I look forward to seeing other ideas.

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    Don't be afraid of Genesis games.....most use only a few buttons, and of course you can map the buttons any way you want. In my mind you can't beat good games like Bomberman, Rock n Roll Racing, Truxton, ThunderForce 3, and Super Baseball 2020.

    By the way, don't forget to try PalmMame. It emulates over 1000 real arcade games back in the day when all you had was a joystick and a couple of buttons:
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    On genesis Golden Axe I and II play great on the treo
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    SNES games are a tad bit slow, but it works great for RPGs or other games that don't require a lot of action - Zelda & Final Fantasy are my favorites
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    RC Pro AM on NES!!!!!
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    SNES- Super Punch-Out, Super Metroid, Mario World/Kart. NES- SMB; I, II, & III, MT Punch-out, Zelda, Tennis, Kid Icarus, & CastleVania---to name a few.
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    I love NBA JAM for snes as well as mario kart not slow at all.
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    While I have never bothered playing the classic Console games on the Treo 700P I've always been curious to try them and see how full speed and well working they are. Even this is is sorta a emulatable game i'll throw my 2cents in.

    Spadware-HO by Delta Tao / Mobilefreon.

    Its a classic DOS game which has been ported over to windows. Its a turn based strategy game and ive wasted hundreds of hours playing this since you can just pick up where you left off. Truly a classic from dos to Win95.
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    megaman 2 and megaman 3 from NES. blastermaster was also one of my favorites
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    Dungeon Master! (Stll the greatest RPG ever made!)

    Using the Atari ST > Palm emulator CaSTaway.

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