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    Having just learned the devastating news that you can't use BT to type text messages with a Treo (see separate thread), I'm really interested to know whether there's any software and/or hardware that would make it possible to control the Treo from the mac - especially to use the mac keyboard to input data on the Treo. e.g. A friend of mine can do something like that between his PC and normal mobile phone.

    Lance <))><
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    The short answer is no. The less short answer is that the Treo does not support this, and may other features that nearly every other cell phone does support.

    OS X has great bluetooth cellphone functions. One of the better ones is calling id displayed on the Mac, but none of this works with a Treo.
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    Oh well ... At least you told me. Thanks for being the one to break the news - someone had to do it.

    Guess I'll get over it ....
    Lance <))><
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    I know. It still irritates me.
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    It has irritated me since I got my Macbook, and have been looking to fix the caller id, dialing issue as well. Is there still no work around? We gotta be able to hack something somehow......

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