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    I recently bought a Sandisk UltraII 4gb SDHC, and have had problems copying files larger than 10Mb using the Treo with Mobile-Streams's CardReader, Softick's Card Export and even PocketTunes. Although the file is completely transferred (except for pocketunes), The file transfer dialog box in windows would stop in the middle and then a few minutes later, windows would indicate that the transferred failed, I would then need to soft reset my Treo 680. Has anyone had this problem? I do not know if this is a hardware problem on my Treo or a software problem or a compatibility problem...
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    90% of the probs I read about SDHC & Treos comes from software solutions like Cardreader. The little $5 USB2 reader is lightning fast and solid as a rock. I suggest one and save the $20 software fee. JMO.
    Patrick Horne
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    I have been using a Transcend 8 GB SDHC card without any problems for several months. At the time I was thinking of getting one, I had read of some people who were having problems caused by the computers not being able to handle SDHC. They resolved it by downloading a patch. I use Windows XP Pro and it worked with the card without any problems straight away. I also bought a Transcend SDHC card reader with the card, although I often use CardExport for convenience to save removal of the card (worrying about the flimsy card door cover). I'm sorry I don't have the link to the patch, but I'm sure a search will find it if you think that might be a solution for you.
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    that patch is very very broke.

    try loading up your card with files + directories then go in to each and look at the content.. some of it will look like this: IUDW*&^@(*B *@
    all jumbled up.

    better to use card export so as not to corrupt your data.

    whats the best (and smallest) USB SDHC card reader out there?
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    I use the SanDisk ImageMate and it's been great...

    I'm sure you can find a smaller one or this one for less...I got it on sale at Best Buy for $14.99.

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