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    Very weird, I'm trying out PdaNet prior to trip where I may not have WiFi for my laptop and was amazed that it not only connected right away but stayed on for quite awhile (20 minutes) before dropping connection and then re-connected right away and stayed on until I was through. There must be something in the software that keeps the Treo working as it should.

    My 700p never has worked that way since I upgraded to the 1.10.

    Hey Palm, have you figured it out yet???

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    funny, mine worked better before, pdanet, and general overall ... with pdanet before i could run it really for hours, and did in my hotel room sometimes, without interruption, now i have trouble connecting, and it is ify if i kept the connection ... i rely on it for alot of outdoor traveling things and while it works for what i need, it was still better before - less reconnecting -

    and no, laughs, palm has not!
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    I too have had problems conecting with PDA net and
    goggle maps since MR
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    I have traced the PDANet carrier drops to cpu-hog programs that run. I can almost get it to drop every time I run a program that is a CPU hog.

    I found the best way to avoid the drops, in the case you can't control the CPU-hogging programs, is to use the proxy mode of PDANet. In Proxy mode, it will only provide access through the PDAnet conduit to programs that you specifically designate (i.e., launch through the PDANet proxy). Other programs will not have internet access through PDAnet, and they don't force PDANet to disconnect. At least that has been my experience.

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